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Have you ever thought to hang in your house the Leonardo Da Vinci’s paintings and inventions?
From today you can thanks to the Bellfish illustrations, which will allow you to experience the art and technological innovation of LeonARdo through Augmented Reality, how and when you want.

Leonardo’s Last Supper differs from the traditional one depiction of the last supper and represents the movements, emotional reactions and moods of the apostles at the announcement of Jesus «One of you will betray me». The illustration takes up the salient features of the painting, with flat color applications that recall a sophisticated style. The animation represents the Last Supper set in 2019, in a hyper-connected and increasingly inattentive world, which absorbs and vehicle our lives and in which attention and listening to others are values to be sought but hard to find. The portrayed dinner companions are the emblem of this: they use smartphones to chat with each other using Whatsapp, and they publish posts on social networks, diverting attention from the important message just heard.

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