Are you an artist? Work with us and earn your money!

We believe in team-power
and we appreciate great drawings!

Come into our community of artists: take us through your projects and sketches.
If we like them, we propose you to print them on our products in exchange of a royalty.
Are you ready?


  • Are you an artist? Contact us!

    Artists are at the heart of the Bellfish project and we are very happy to have innovators and dreamers in our community. Communicating with the Augmented Reality offers new and fascinating possibilities, which only creatives can better capture in all the nuances.

  • By your side, always

    For us it’s important that your project maintains the highest quality so, after you have sent us your ghaphics, our team of experts will evaluate them and together we will choose the best to publish. We will give you advices and guide you in this adventure.

  • Your creativity on our Shop

    If you choose to became part of our community, you can start selling your projects in exchange of a royalty. Printing, shipping and costumer care will be our responsibility, so you will have all the time you want to create unruffled.


These are the last works done and shared by our artists: a great new way of self-expression!


Please contact Bellfish for any details, to be part of our artists and to publish your drawings.