Do you know mobile sdk integration? Read this!

The Arcadia SDK software, developed by the Dilium team, is based on a native language (Swift and Android) and allows you to implement your company’s app and improve its advanced features.

When your holding needs to build its own Augmented Reality app, SDK is the way! We have everything you need to offer a great experience to your customers.
We have developed the SDK, a Software Development Kit, which we are proposing to companies and retails. You can purchase It and put It on your web and mobile platforms.

Do you know Mobile SDK Integration?
It’s the way to combine two or more things in order to give you an app modelled on your company.
In fact, most app developers integrate specific software development kits in order to improve apps with advanced functionalities, advertisements, push notifications and more.
We can implement one or more app programming interfaces in the form of on-device libraries to interface to a particular programming language, or include sophisticated hardware that can communicate with a particular embedded system.


Common tools include debugging facilities and other utilities, often presented in an integrated development environment. SDK also frequently includes sample code and supporting technical notes or other supporting documentation to help clarify points made by the primary reference material.
Benefits we offer are exclusive management tools, client-based integration,
and optimization, extra lightweight SDK.



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