Integrate our solution in your app

If you are a company and you are aware of the need to integrate our solution into your app or in your ecosystems, you are in the right spot.
We would like to offer you a specific and personalised tool to communicate with your customers and
increase the possibility of performance in the process of business.

We propose you the perfect solution, valid and versatile in the organizations.

Our identity

Dilium is the owner and the developer of this specific technology and has strong knowledge, skills and deep expertise in ICT and Technology, willing to help companies in the creation of high-tech solutions for their business.

We are all in this together, ready to make our resource available to rewrite the rules of business and management in Digital. In fact, we are expert in Technology Advisory, AR / VR, Machine Learning, Advanced Algorithm & CMS, Creativity, UX & UI Design, Digital Transformation, Media & Performance Technology. We set ourselves as a guide for Digital Transformation!

Our expertise

In the last few years, we collaborated with international companies in the retail; that’s allowed us to develop innovative products and services for the Smart Manufacturing, Marketing & Advertising, Healthcare, Fintech, FashionTech fields. We specialise in the design and development of projects based on “Frontier Technologies” for the digital evolution of the B2B and B2C.

Thanks to our fluid and flexible organization, we have started a stream of innovation focused on diffusion and commercialization of prototyping technologies.

We’d love to tell you more about our values and skills, and we’d like to do this through our work. It’s a win-win: for your company, for your customers and also for us!


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